New Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Also known as  IOP is one of the most commonly utilized outpatient treatment options.  It is less expensive than most comparable inpatient treatment programs and allow patients to return home each night.  IOP  programs can feel more accessible to clients who have families who depend upon them, work or school commitments, or are otherwise interested in maintaining a flexible schedule while undergoing intensive treatment for addiction. 

Is IOP Right For You?

In some cases, IOP can be a positive choice when the person living with addiction has dependents at home who require care. It is not always possible to find alternative care solutions for young children, special needs family members, or older adults. Work or schooling may also conflict with other forms of treatment such as Residential or Day Treatment.  High Desert Counseling accepts most insurance so your treatment may be covered fully or partially.


IOP will provide the structure needed while still allowing for the duties of everyday life. Treatment is conducted the HDC office, with our highly trained addiction professionals. This treatment occurs during regularly scheduled sessions and involves a combination of individual and group therapy. 


IOP mimics inpatient programs in terms of energy and focus, but do so without many of the restrictions. If you’re not able to set aside job commitments or caring for children, among other responsibilities, to be fully immersed in an inpatient program, IOPs offer a workable middle ground. Perhaps the greatest benefit of IOP however, is that you can use what you’re learning in therapy in the here and now. 


IOP treatment is often the first step in recovery from substance abuse.  For some, this first step is enough to help them kick the habit, especially if they have an extensive support network. For others, more structured and intensive long-term treatment programs are required.

High Desert Clinical Team

About Us

High Desert Counseling is founded on the principle that anyone suffering from addiction can have a long lasting recovery from substance use addiction. Our clients will experience profound change through advanced, evidenced based practices provided by an experienced, hand selected professional team, in a comfortable St George environment.

What We Offer

Day Treatment (PHP)

Day treatment is partial hospitalization (PHP) for those individuals that do not clinically require 24-hour inpatient or residential care.

The course of treatment, includes 4 hours daily at the facility where the individual receives counseling, group therapy, relapse prevention skills, education, and a personalized treatment plan.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are treatment programs designed to address substance use disorders not requiring detoxification or round-the-clock supervision. This allows patients to continue with their daily lives in a way that residential treatment programs do not.  If you are someone who has a safe living environment, family or work commitments that may interfere with residential treatment, IOP may be your best solution.

Continuing Care (GOP)

For those needing access to continued recovery support at the conclusion of outpatient treatment. 

It is also an alternative for those who do not meet the clinical need for Day Treatment or IOP. With access to individual and group counseling, peer support, medication-assisted treatment, and other psychiatric services.

Outpatient FAQ

How do I access outpatient care?

Most patients are referred directly to partial hospital or intensive outpatient programs by their therapists following an assessment. You can also seek treatment for yourself or a loved one by calling our Outpatient Admissions team at 435-673-2899.

How long does day treatment last?

While each patient’s treatment plan may different, patients generally attend our partial hospital program five days per week for four hours per day, and our intensive outpatient program three days per week for three hours per day. On average, patients are in treatment for a total of six to twelve weeks. Patients can begin treatment at a partial hospital or intensive outpatient level of care, depending on their needs.

What is evidence-based treatment?

Treatments throughout our programs are evidence based. This means that findings from the latest research at major academic medical centers and government agencies are regularly reviewed and incorporated into our treatment modalities. The outcomes are closely examined to understand what therapies work best for each individual patient, how to reduce symptoms, and how to bring about lasting recovery. Evidence-based programs have been shown to increase engagement and success.

What is a typical day like in day treatment?

Typically, a partial hospital treatment day includes five group sessions, each with a different focus. Some groups are psychotherapy groups, where participants are encouraged to bring up and discuss current feelings and struggles they are having. Other groups are psychoeducational, where patients are educated about aspects of illness, wellness, and coping techniques that can be employed to help manage the symptoms of their illness.

What insurance do you accept?

High Desert Counseling is in-network with most commercial insurance programs and accepts Medicaid. You can call us at 435-673-2899 and we can confirm your coverage and verify your benefits.

How many patients are in a group?

At High Desert Counseling, our Day Treatment (PHP) groups are typically capped at six while our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) groups may have from ten to sixteen attendees.

Can I work during treatment?

Not exactly. Day Treatment may require four hours or more of treatment and therapies scheduled daily. Many are group workshops and support groups, thus the times cannot be shifted to accommodate the scheduling needs of individual participants on a regular basis. Work is, however an important part of recovery and is encouraged.  Your Day Treatment may be shortened after two weeks if you are demonstrating a strong commitment to recovery and you obtain a job or start an education.  You may be able to step down to Intensive Outpatient, requiring fewer hours and  evening or early morning sessions.   

Is Family Therapy important?

A patient’s psychiatric illness or addiction can impact the entire family. When the family has an understanding of their loved one’s issues and conflicts, they have the power to play a major role in the recovery process. High Desert Counseling has long recognized the importance of the family in the healing process, and incorporates family therapy and education into the treatment routine. Our family education program empowers families with information and education, enabling them to better cope during a difficult time. We also refer families to resources available in the community.


Outpatient treatment

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