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"We want everyone to know they are not alone - that they are part of a very large network of recovery supports."
-- Michael Keenan

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We're Together

Recovery day is based on the premise that "We can do together what none of us could do alone."

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Engaging Experience

We will be engaging thousands of those in recovery (including those with loved ones in addiction, in recovery, and lost to addiction), demonstrating that we can and do recovery.

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Recovery Day in St George will bring together people from all addictions, all recovery pathways, from all around the area on the same day.


Recovery Day in St George, UT

We will join Utah's recovery community in celebrating National Recovery Month and Utah Recovery Day on September 22, 2022.

Recovery Day 2022
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About Recovery Day 2022

This year's event will highlight four dimensions that support a life in recovery from substance use disorders: health, home, community, and purpose. 
Recovery Day celebration supports and empowers individuals in recovery and recognizes the contributions of family members, service providers, and allies who come together to raise awareness that we can recover from addiction by creating hope, healing, and health through many pathways.

Some Suggested Reading

As you prepare for recovery day this year, may we suggest some great and powerful reading:

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